UMass Gets Green Where You Live

The Sustainable Residence Hall Room at UMass Amherst

As part of its commitment to green living on the UMass Amherst campus, the University recently opened its new Model Green Room in Knowlton, available for both current and prospective students to view. 

The space is designed to help students make conscientious green energy-saving choices about how they decorate and utilize their rooms.  For students who are not able to view the green residence in person, an interactive web page has been created on the Residential Life website.  The page allows students to view a photo of the room and to click on various sections of the photo in order to receive detailed information associated with each of the items placed throughout the space.

The Green Room concept began last spring as an academic project.  A student named Anthony Proia attended Professor Christine Crago’s Resource Economics course entitled “Implementing Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Today’s Economy” and presented a proposal for a Model Sustainable Housing Project on the UMass Amherst campus. Proia developed the plan over the course of a semester, including detailed background research to share with campus staff and a proposed implementation strategy.

After careful consideration the University elected to move forward with an updated version of the project, with the goal of maximizing a high level of student participation by providing both live and web-based viewing options.

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