2014 Class Brings Solar to UMass

Sustainability Proposal Selected by Class of 2014 for Senior Class Gift

Sustainable UMass student leaders were happy to learn this week that this year’s senior class gift will fund their proposal to bring “Solar Power-Dok” picnic tables with energy efficient solar powered docking stations to the UMass Amherst campus. 

The proposal was submitted by the Sustainable UMass team earlier this year.  The solar powered tables, made by Ener Fusion Inc., are designed to provide self-sustaining green energy wherever they are placed outdoors with access to direct sunlight. 

Ezra Small, the Campus Sustainability Manager at UMass Amherst explained, “It makes me proud that our Seniors voted for this solar project.  It’s important that we demonstrate the viability of renewable energy on campus to help us move even further in this direction.”

“Not only is this device powered directly by the sun,” said Jackie Hynes, the Student Eco-Rep Program Manager on campus, “it’s also made from recycled materials to be eco-friendly, and it’s off the grid!”  

The Solar Power-Dok works as a laptop charging station and cell phone charging station that any student will be able to use at any time.

 Student Charges Laptop at a Solar Power-Dok Station
To donate funds in support of the 2014 Senior Campaign to bring the "Solar Power-Dok" tables to the Amherst campus, click here.