Southwest Concourse

Southwest Concourse

Project Overview

Target LEED Certification: n/a
Completed: September 2011
Architect/Engineer:  Stephen Stimson Associates
Project Manager:  Bruce Thomas

Project Purpose

The Southwest Concourse replacement project is a comprehensive revitalization of the pedestrian core of the 5,000-student Southwest Residential Area.  The design strategy observes both the campus and the region to understand the broader project context. Water, topography and native planting are key design elements that connect the site to the region.

Sustainability Features

Complete reconstruction of the pedestrian core, including area-wide infrastructure upgrades.
Decking made with IPE, a sustainably harvested hardwood.

Planting design using plants native to the area.

On-site stormwater management incorporating infiltration, porous pavers, and reduced off-site discharge.

Recycled granite and stones.

Energy efficient and balanced lighting.

Old Concourse - 30% pervious landscape, 70% hardscape; New Concourse - 60% pervious landscape, 40% hardscape.

Bioswales to collect, clease and infiltrate stromwater.

Diverse plant palette of native shrubs and grasses.

Designed to encourage student interaction and demonstrate sustainability is the landscape.

Utility upgrades provide increase in energy efficiency.

Concourse at Southwest Residence Halls