Single Stream Recycling

Project Overview

Single Stream Resources:

Do you live in the residence halls or run an RSO and want to educate your friends about single stream?  We have a game for YOU! 

The Single Stream Recycling Relay

This fun and interactive game can help clear up any confusion residents may have about single stream recycling.
The game is simple:


  1. Create teams- there must be at least 2 teams and at least 2 people in each team
  2. Provide each team with an identical set of mixed recyclables and trash (can be provided by Campus Sustainability Initiative)
  3. Set up one trash and one recycling bin opposite each team about 15-20ft away. Next to each pair of bins, place a copy of the Single Stream Guidelines.
  4. Select a referee for each pair of bins- this person should already know which items should be sorted into which bins

Let the games begin!

  1. One member from each team should grab as much of the mixed trash and recycling mix in front of them and run to the bins opposite them. There, they should place the items they have in their arms into the appropriate trash or recycling bin.
  2. Before leaving the area, the referee should tell their corresponding team if any of their items need to be switched from trash to recycling or visa versa, but they should not tell them which items. Let the competitor try to sort it out first!
  3. When the first set of items is properly sorted, the first team member can run back and tag their second team member and repeat the process until everything is sorted correctly. The first team to finish wins!

*If any RA would like assistance in leading/facilitating this relay please contact the Campus Sustainability Initiative at