Recycling & Waste Reduction

The Minute Riders Program offers student led, bike powered compost pick-up services to campus offices.

UMass Amherst composts over 1,400 tons of organic waste each year, the largest recycling stream on campus.

The Green Monstah is an E-waste (electronic waste) center located in the entry of the W.E.B Du Bois Library where students and faculty can conveniently recycle their obsolete or broken electronics and save them from being thrown in a landfill.

Students and staff who work to make the UMass campus greener received national recognition for their efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling at the Minuteman football team’s final home game during the close of the fall 2011 season.

Details about the formation of the single stream recycling on UMass campus including the single stream recycling student video, on campus resource list, and recycling relay game details.

Comprehensive recycling systems are available campus wide and the University manages its own transfer station to accommodate all materials collected in an effort to regularly reduce irresponsible waste of valuable materials.