Green Cleaning (A & F)

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Project Overview

Building environments have a significant impact on human and environmental health, worker productivity and overall sustainability. To ensure a holistic approach to the ongoing cleaning operations in academic and administration facilities, UMass Amherst A&F is moving forward with plans to “clean green” campus wide.

Based on extensive industry research focused on building maintenance and operations, technology and cleaning science, UMass Physical Plant Custodial Services has identified the best tools, products and practices for maintaining sustainable buildings that promote human health and the health of the environment. This policy also adheres to the LEED V3 2009 for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance standard which allows for consistent documentation and implementation.

Incorporating the Three Pillars of Sustainability:

Sustainability is often defined as the “triple bottom line,” or as having three pillars: People, Planet and Profit. A balance of these three pillars is essential to achieving sustainability. Our green cleaning policy includes elements that address all three.

Social Responsibility (People): UMass Physical Plant Custodial Services will follow fair and beneficial business practices with regard to employees and the community in which the company conducts its business.

Environmental Issues (Planet): UMass Physical Plant Custodial Services will adopt and adhere to sustainable business practices to have as little impact on human health and the environment as possible.

Economic Issues (Profit): UMass Physical Plant Custodial Services will conduct business with not only social and environmental impact in mind, but also with the best economic practices.