Transportation Fellows

Stipend: 3 credits

Over the past few years, UMass Amherst has made great strides in sustainable transportation options. There are new hybrid buses, the Bike Share Program, alternative ride incentive programs, and several more exciting initiatives. This fellow is responsible for educating the campus community about their transportation options while promoting new sustainable choices.


  • Bike Friendliness: UMass recently received an honorable mention form the American League of Bicyclists for our campus’ bike friendliness. This fellow will work to improve this rating by promoting bike ridership through improved infrastructure and educating the campus community.
  • NuRide: NuRide is a ride incentive program in which students, faculty, and staff can earn points by tracking their trips via bus, bike, walking, carpooling, or any mode of transport that is not a single occupancy vehicle. The amount of points earned determines discounts a person can receive at local or online businesses. This fellow will work closely with Parking Services and NuRide representatives to promote NuRide to the campus as well as get local businesses signed on.
  • Research and Outreach: This fellow will consistently be researching scope 3 (non-stationary) campus emissions, alternative fuel studies, and new technologies that our campus may adopt. This involves researching other universities and their programs as well as general research for projects of our own. The researched information will also be used to educate the campus community through awareness events.
  • Bike Share Program: The Bike Share Program is an entirely free service to UMass students in which they can rent a bike for the day from the SGA office in the Student Union. This fellow will provide any assistance necessary to the SGA’s Secretary of Sustainability to ensure that the program is operating at maximum effectiveness and to help research options for growing the program across campus.
  • Transportation Subcommittee: This fellow will attend the Chancellor’s Sustainability Transportation subcommittee meetings in order to work with faculty and administrators that can help accomplish tasks in the most efficient manner.


  • Ability to formulate new ideas based on current programs and campus needs
  • Strong interpersonal and writing skills
  • Confidence working under pressure and short timelines
  • Comfort working with a wide variety of constituents (i.e. students, staff, administrators, other universities)
  • Passionate about sustainability


Liz Pongratz
Student Sustainability Coordinator
Sustainable UMass