Your Student Facilitators

Kevin Hollerbach - Program Manager

Kevin is a senior Science major with a focus in Environmental Science. He is also pursuing minors in Education and Information Technology. He was late arriving to the environmental movement coming from a very conservative and rural area of New Jersey. After watching "An Inconvenient Truth" and doing his own research, it is clear that humans are affecting the climate. Kevin facilitated the Northeast cluster last year, after serving as an Eco-Rep there for two semesters, and has now taken the role of Program Manager.

He believes that “in order to solve climate change we need a combination of Science, Education, and Technology. Students are at a perfect position to contribute to the movement and make the drastic changes necessary to solve our climate crisis, and the Eco-Rep program is the perfect medium for them to do so.” He is an environmental optimist and thinks that there is always hope to save the planet just as we've done before.

Outside of Eco-Rep, he work for Student Affairs Technology Services on campus, and loves to play with his cat Pepper, and play guitar.

His favorite quote about sustainability is by Carl Sagan speaking about the picture "The Pale Blue Dot;”  "To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.”

Julie Sullivan - Central Facilitator

Julie Sullivan

Julie is a senior Environmental Science major who has spent several wonderful semesters as a facilitator in Central. Her passion for saving the Earth stemmed from her early obsession with recycling. After years of gathering the stray recyclables from the homes of her non-recycling friends so she could properly dispose of them at her house, her eventual journey to Eco-Rep is a true "rags to riches" tale that she will encourage you to ask her about.

Julie firmly believes that sustainability is an eye-opening concept that could lead to a socially, economically, and environmentally better world if embraced by all. When she grows up, she wants to continue to educate others - whether it be in a classroom or in the field - about how beautiful the planet is and why it is critical for us to all work together in preserving it for future generations. 
Outside of Eco-Rep, Julie enjoys playing with cool looking insects, singing in the shower, running obscene distances, and most importantly, surrounding herself with good friends.

Steven Amorin - Central Facilitator

Steven Amorin

Steve is a senior Natural Resource Conservation major with a concentration in Environmental Conservation. He chose this major due to his enjoyment of the outdoors; as he got older, he traveled and saw what pristine environments looked like and realized that we are harming the Earth very badly, and it has to stop immediately. He joined Eco-Rep his first semester as a sophomore at UMass after discovering a poster in his dorm. Steve knew Eco-Rep was his chance to meet others with similar interests, learn about sustainability and assist his peers to better the planet. Now he has brought what he learned through Eco-Rep back home and is spreading sustainability to friends and family. He now facilitates the Southwest cluster.

Steve thinks that, “UMass does a great job at being sustainable, however if there were any advancements to be done it would be to spread our practices to as much of the world as possible. Globally, I wish to see as many environmentally friendly designs and policies as possible. Sustainability shouldn't be a new thing it should be a continuing practice from years ago. Being at such a large University means that all of us as students are given some form of power. Power then leads to strength in numbers. With Eco-Rep we have the power to teach people to alter the faith of the planet and make it more sustainable.”

Outside of Eco-Rep he is a huge football fan (Patriots!), loves Game of Thrones and his favorite band is Queens of the Stone Age.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

Tobin Armstrong - CHCRC Facilitator

Tobin Armstrong

Toby is a sophomore Sustainable Energy Policy major with minors in Philosophy, Resource Economics, and Environmental Science. He is passionate about sustainability issues surrounding economic growth, energy use, and resource scarcity, and hopes to become a policymaker or environmental lawyer. Toby gained a deep appreciation for nature through his upbringing and observation of his town's conservation land. In high school Toby learned more about global environmental crises through his school's Policy Debate team and became passionate about a career in sustainability. 
Toby believes "In order for our society to become sustainable change must start with our economy and government policies. As long as our economy is based on infinite growth, environmental damage is not factored into price, and our policies cater to consumerism, individual change is going to be slow and insufficient. Sustainability needs to be the path of least resistance, not an expensive and inconvenient lifestyle, and that takes big picture change. We have all the tools and technology necessary to win the fight, it is just a question of implementing them in time."
Outside of Eco-Rep, Toby enjoys the Umass Brazilian JiuJitsu club and street performing as a spray painter. 

Jonathan Raber - Orchard Hill Facilitator

Jonathan Raber

Jon is a sophomore Plant, Soil, and Insect Science major who will also be pursuing an International Agriculture certificate.  Growing up, Jon had the improbable good fortune of living just down the street from a protected watershed for the Wachusett Reservoir in central Massachusetts, a location where his love and appreciation for nature was first developed.  After many dog walks and forested adventures through the years, it became evident to Jon that a majority of the world’s population does not have access to safe ecosystems, clean water, sufficient food, proper medical care, or economic freedom that he had while growing up.  Solving these injustices and preserving a better world for future generations are what motivates Jon.  He will be facilitating in the Northeast cluster.
Jon believes that if we as a species hope to address climate change in the most systemic and equitable way possible, then the restoration of basic human rights for all people must come first in the most sustainable and ecologically sound manner.  Individual actions such as recycling, reuse, gardening, consumer awareness, etc. are all great places to begin, but we must take advantage of our strength in numbers if we hope to accomplish our greatest visions.  
Beyond Eco-Rep, Jon enjoys riding his bicycle, arts and crafts, reading, and volunteering at the Western Mass. Labor Action.  Also, if Jon were to be a non-human organism, he would be llama.

Rebecca Schmidt - Southwest South Facilitator


Rebecca is a junior Psychology major interested in researching attitudes and behaviors in relation to Environmental Sustainability, as well as improving scientific literacy and education on environmental issues. She believes that behavioral changes will carry the movement, but that ultimately, laws need to be passed to help enforce them.

Growing up, her favorite book was "The Lorax" (a book with environmental protection themes by Dr. Seuss) and her family took her camping across the United States nearly every summer, making her fall in love with nature at an early age. For a while, Rebecca didn't have any direction in college, and seriously considered (for about a week) dropping out of school in the fall of her sophomore year to become a dental assistant. You know, the ones that scrape plaque off of your teeth every six months? Blech!

Rebecca knew the world had its environmental problems, but it wasn't until she took Eco-Rep in the spring of her sophomore year that she realized how truly horrific our crisis had become. It was then that she had the idea (along with the help of her friend Steven!) to combine her passions in Psychology and Environmental Sustainability. She now devotes the rest of her time at UMass to exploring the connections between these fields, as well facilitating Eco-Rep for the Southwest cluster.

Outside of Eco-Rep, Rebecca enjoys drawing ugly caricatures, camping, swapping funny/embarrassing stories with her twin brother Michael, and not being a dental assistant.