Master Plan Subcommittee

Chair:  Ludmilla Pavlova

Established in 2013, the Master Plan Subcommittee supports a broad conversation on how community sustainability planning methods apply to campus physical planning and is developing a chapter on sustainability in the Campus Master Plan.  It will evaluate the plan’s ability to support the goals of the campus Climate Action Plan, particularly GHG emissions, energy, green infrastructure, and transportation.  Current initiatives of the committee include calculating emissions resulting from employee commuting and business travel, developing a renewable energy plan and accounting for the benefits of trees and green space on campus.  

The committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students from multiple disciplines, including architecture, building and construction technology, environmental sciences, facilities management and operations, landscape architecture, and regional planning.  It is co-chaired by Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham, Senior Facilities Planner, Campus Planning and Nariman Mostafavi, a PH.D. student in Building and Construction Technology and a Green Building Researcher with Campus Planning.  The committee is also supported by the other three Green Building Researchers – Soroush (Mohamad) Farzinmoghadam, Patricia O’Flaherty and Somayeh Tabatabaee.  If you are interested in participating in the committee, please email