Green Office Program Fellows

Stipend: 3 credits

As the Sustainable UMass team continues to expand its efforts to create a more environmentally conscious campus, one of its most interactive and collaborative programs is the Green Office Program. This program was created to help the offices on campus learn and participate in sustainable practices. The goal of the program is to increase environmental awareness and reduce our carbon footprint as a university through friendly competition between offices.

Overview of the Green Office Program

The program starts with an introductory presentation by a Green Office Program Fellow. The office then designates a person from within their office to be the main correspondent for the program; this person is called an Eco-leader and is meant to keep track of the progress of the office, motivate the office to succeed, and to correspond with one of the fellows.

The initial presentation lays out the framework of the program. The program consists of four consecutive levels of progress. The levels are bronze, silver, gold, and green and each level has requirements for the office to complete. Once an office has completed the requirements for one level they are certified by the Sustainability Initiative and are allowed to progress to the next level. The goal for the office is to become certified as a green office and maintain that certification.


  • Recruiting offices for the program- Getting offices to participate in this program is the first step.  This requires emailing, making meetings, and presenting the program in an organized and professional manner.
  • Introductory presentations- All offices that are new to the program require an introductory presentation to me made by one of the Green Office Program fellows so that everyone in the office is aware of the program and what it entails.
  • Routine contact- Maintaining regular contact and fielding any questions/concerns with the office’s elected Eco-leader is vital to the program’s success. This involves emails, phone calls, and office walk-throughs. This ensures that progress is being made in each office.
  • Certifying offices- When an office states that they have completed a level, this fellow goes through a checklist specific to the level they are on. If they pass the checklist, this intern will present them with a certificate for that level and get them started on the next one.


  • Impeccable communications skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Confident public speaker
  • Passionate about sustainability
  • Management experience preferred, but not required


Liz Pongratz
Student Sustainability Coordinator
Sustainable UMass