Green Office Program

What is the Green Office Program?

In an effort to decrease the amount of waste produced in campus offices, Sustainable UMass created the Green Office Program. Designed to help the university reach the emissions and waste reduction goals outlined in the Climate Action Plan, this program aims to alter daily office practices.

How Does It Work?

The offices that choose to participate in the program work to complete requirements based on a four level scale: bronze, silver, gold and green. Each level is based off of four topics: energy, waste and recycling, kitchens and purchasing, which outline more sustainable office behaviors and operations. Completion of the program occurs once an office fulfills the criteria for the “green” level.

Our Sustainability Fellows work individually with each office to devise a plan customized to meet the office’s needs. The system allows for a friendly competition between offices to see who can reach the green certification. Recognition is rewarded for every level completed with a congratulatory certificate.

Scoring for certification for v2.0 (Launched February, 2013) is as follows:
Bronze: 8+
Silver: 12+
Gold: 16+
Green: 20+


Contact Us

Email the Green Office Program team here.