Green Games Fellows

Stipend: 3 credits

Sustainable UMass will be hosting the Green Games Residence Hall Competition every spring semester.  This competition is 8 weeks long and is aimed at promoting sustainability awareness throughout the residence halls on campus in an attempt to cut utility costs and reduce waste in those buildings.  The ultimate goal of the competition is to increase environmental awareness across campus and reduce our carbon footprint as a university through a friendly competition between residence areas.  More information about the Green Games can be found here.

Green Games Fellow Responsibilities

  • Planning events/challenges and focusing on marketing & outreach:  The Green Games Fellow will be responsible for working in the fall semester to coordinate events and challenges for the Green Games occurring in the spring semester.  It is necessary to market the games and create as much outreach to the residents as possible to ensure the highest level of participation by residents in the spring semester.
  • Communicating between involved groups: The Fellow will need to coordinate between representatives from the Campus Sustainability Initiative, Johnson Controls Inc. and the Residence Hall Association to effectively launch the Green Games.  This requires emailing, participating in conference calls and scheduling meetings to discuss the competition in a professional manner.
  • Attending Residence Hall Association (RHA) Meetings:  The members of the RHA are a direct connection to our on campus residents.  It is imperative that the Fellow attend the weekly RHA meetings when necessary to present/introduce the Green Games, to announce an upcoming event or challenge, and to collect information on participation or attendance of a previous event or challenge.  Team leaders must also be selected from the RHA on a volunteer basis.  Email communication between the Fellow and the elected team leaders is necessary to stimulate resident participation in events and challenges.
  • Working with Facebook:  This competition is largely Facebook based.  Scores for each event and challenge are calculated by JCI using a formula that reads values directly from Facebook.  The Fellow will be responsible for uploading these scores on the corresponding event page on each team’s Facebook page.  The Fellow will also continuously check the updated scores to ensure their authenticity and will report to the JCI representative if something unsettling appears.

Green Games Fellow Qualifications

  • Literacy in environmental issues
  • Knowledge in energy efficiency and conservation
  • Above average written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively between involved groups
  • Ability to collect and analyze building utility data


Ezra Small
Campus Sustainability Manager
University of Massachusetts Amherst