Green Buildings Fellow

Stipend: 3 credits

As UMass Amherst continues to reduce its carbon footprint, it is vital that we have active minded students thinking about things like energy efficiency and conservation as well as general green building practices. This fellow will work with the Sustainability Initiative to improve current building processes through existing programs and proposals for new programs.

GBI Responsibilities

  • Sustainability Explorer: This fellow will be trained to update the campus’s online Sustainability Viewer so that the campus community is always up to date on where sustainability initiatives are taking place.
  • Research and Implementation: This fellow will stay up to date on current technologies and certifications. To do so, this fellow must conduct regular research online, contact other universities, and work closely with Facilities Planning, Campus Planning, and the Physical Plant to ensure that UMass is aware of all available sustainable infrastructure options. This fellow will use this information to propose sustainable projects on campus (ie. permeable pavement, roof gardens, etc.).
  • Green Building Subcommittee: This fellow will attend the Chancellor’s Sustainability Green building subcommittee meetings in order to work with faculty and administrators that can help accomplish tasks in the most efficient manner.

GBI Qualifications

  • Environmental Design or related field majors strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of or experience with LEED processes
  • Comfortable working with administrative staff
  • Knowledge of or experience with sustainable building practices is preferred, but not required
  • Confidence working under pressure with short timelines
  • Ability to formulate new ideas based on current programs and campus needs
  • Strong writing skills and analytical skills


Liz Pongratz
Student Sustainability Coordinator
Sustainable UMass