Community Organizing Fellows


In some cases, the Community Organizing Fellow may be able to benefit the groups they work with by planning events or by giving trainings in leadership, outreach, organizing or situation specific campaign aspects.

The Community Organizing Fellow will be asked to work closely with the Media & Marketing Fellow to broadcast the message of the campaigns they work on and also to collaborate on Sustainable UMass sponsored projects.


Collaboration and Coalition Building: Bring student groups, faculty, and sustainability staff together to collaborate on on-campus sustainability campaigns. Effectively build relationships that are cohesive and symbiotic, so that they achieve the missions of all groups involved.

Capacity Building: Find opportunities for student campaigns and individuals to grow through strategic planning support, organizing skill trainings open to the student community, outreach events, and leadership development.

Participation in Campaigns: Become an active member of sustainability related campaigns on campus and attend their meetings on a frequent basis. Take on a leadership position or responsibility if possible or necessary.

Subcommittees: This position will involve strategic planning and implementation of student-led campaigns and projects that come out of Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee Sub-Committee work.  For example, supporting Engineers Without Borders Solar projects on campus within the Master Planning Subcommittee.


Prior organizing experience. Experience working in campaigns strongly encouraged, but not required.
Strong writing skills, public speaking, and interpersonal skills
Knowledge of effective communication techniques for large and diverse constituencies
Leadership skills
Passionate about sustainability