Sustainability and Problem-Solving in Environmental Science

(SPIRE title: Sustainability and Problem-Sol)
Spring 2016

In the course you will seek practical solutions to complex environmental problems by crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries and using an inquiry, cooperative learning-based approach. You'll learn how to integrate and apply knowledge from the four core areas of the ENVIRSCI curriculum. The main learning goals for this course are to gain in-depth experience in identifying tools and planning solutions for environmental challenges, and to explore how integrating your diverse educational experiences leads to new levels of understanding. You will learn how to address environmental management problems caused by global change, pollution, and the unsustainable use of renewable and non-renewable resources. The semester culminates in team-based projects in which students investigate connections between current environmental issues, their education in your ENVIRSCI major and your experience as UMass undergraduates, with structured opportunities for reflection on both your discipline and on yourself as a life-long scholar. This course meets the Integrative Experience requirement for the BS-EnvSci majors.

Open to senior and junior ENVIRSCI or NRC majors only.
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