Course Title and descriptionsort ascending Credits Meeting Days Term
STOCKSCH 197S ST-Soils Lab
This class is specifically for those students who have already taken PLSOILIN 106, and who now wish...
1 cr Spring 2015
HISTORY 397VW ST-Public History Workshop
This workshop provides students with a foundation on emerging methods in digital and public history...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
CE-ENGIN 697P ST-Process Lab
Not available at this time.
3 cr TU Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 297PD ST-Permaculture Design & Practice
This three-credit course includes in-class lectures, field trips, design studio and a hands-on...
3 cr TH Spring 2015
MICROBIO 797E ST-Microb Ecol J Clb
Not available at this time
1 cr Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 197G ST-Introduction to Permaculture
A foundation in permaculture history, ethics, principles, design process, and practical...
3 cr Spring 2015
PUBP&ADM 697B ST-Introduction to GIS
The goals of this course are to teach you basic GIS concepts such as spatial data sources and...
4 cr TH Fall 2015
STOCKSCH 397PP ST-Intro Plant Physiology
Basic aspects of water relations and mineral nutrition in plants, plant biochemistry including...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 597V ST-Integrated Turf Mgt.
This capstone course stresses concepts of Integrated Pest Management and reviews stress management...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 297W ST-Herbal Approaches to Women's Health
Use of medicinal herbs and foods for health and well being through all stages of a woman's...
2 cr M Spring 2015