Coursesort descending Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
STOCKSCH 342 Pesticides, Public Policy & the Environment
Current issues associated with pesticide use; includes discussion of role of pesticides in...
3 cr TU TH Fall 2013
STOCKSCH 197G ST-Introduction to Permaculture
A foundation in permaculture history, ethics, principles, design process, and practical...
3 cr Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 265 Sustainable Agriculture
Exploration of ethical, practical and scientific aspects of agricultural sustainability including...
3 cr TU Fall 2014
STOCKSCH 140 Plagues:The Ecology of Disease
The ecology of major human, plant and animal diseases from the Black Plague to the Irish Potato...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 390P Plant Science Investigations
The purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate students to the scientific method for...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 892A Sem-Attendance
Doctoral candidates attend weekly seminar meetings.
1 cr TU M Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 350 Sustainable Soil and Crop Management
Maintenance and enhancement of long-term productivity and sustainability of soil in food and feed...
3 cr M W F Fall 2013
STOCKSCH H115 Honors Colloq for STOCKSCH 115
Description not available at this time
1 cr Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 197S ST-Soils Lab
This class is specifically for those students who have already taken PLSOILIN 106, and who now wish...
1 cr Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 298A Agricultural Practicum
Description not available at this time
1-18 cr Fall 2014