Course Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
POLISCI 291F S-The Politics of Food
This course examines the power relations that structure the production, distribution, and...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
POLISCI 383 Energy Policy
This course explores the politics of energy policy by examining a range of cases from around the...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2016
POLISCI 394CI Central Asian Politics
Where is Central Asia? How have events and processes in Central Asia impacted us here in the United...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2016
POLISCI 720 Intrntl Reltns Pros
Survey of theory, research, and methodology in the field of international relations; its...
3 cr TH Spring 2016
POLISCI 792PE Seminar-Political Economy of Development
This course will cover foundational texts and core debates in the study of development. What is...
3 cr TH Spring 2015
POLISCI 794J S:International Environmental Politics
Description not available at this time
3 cr TU Spring 2015
PUBHLTH 303 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences
Introduction to the physical, chemical, and biological implications relating to human exposures to...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2016
PUBHLTH 390X Sustainable Development
This course is designed to introduce students to the challenges of sustainable development of low...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
PUBHLTH 583 Global Health in the Developing World
Introduction to major health issues in developing world, factors which affect health status, models...
3 cr Spring 2015
PUBP&ADM 190A Water, Oil, and Blood: The Middle East in Global Policy
This course introduces students to the contemporary dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa....
4 cr TU TH Spring 2015