Coursesort descending Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
STOCKSCH 298A Agricultural Practicum
Description not available at this time
1-18 cr Fall 2014
STOCKSCH 280 Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants
With lab. Introduction to the growth, culture, and science related to the production and use of...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 390P Plant Science Investigations
The purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate students to the scientific method for...
4 cr TH Spring 2014
STOCKSCH H120 Honors Colloquium for STOCKSCH 120
Description not available at this time
1 cr F Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 198F P-Sustainable Food & Farming Internship
Required of all students majoring in Fruit and Vegetable Crops. Five months' cooperative work...
1-4 cr Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 342 Pesticides, Public Policy & the Environment
Current issues associated with pesticide use; includes discussion of role of pesticides in...
3 cr TU TH Fall 2014
STOCKSCH 297F ST-Traditional Herbal Medicine Systems II
An examination of indigenous medicinal systems from around the world to understand the choices of...
1 cr W Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 390VO Vocational Agricultural Education Seminar
This course is designed to prepare individuals for her/his first teaching assignment. The course...
3 cr M Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 104 Plant Nutrients
Functions of mineral nutrients in plants, effects of mineral deficiencies, and sources of these...
2 cr TU TH Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 201 Equipment Operations
This course will introduce students to the selection, operation, safety and maintenance of farm...
2 cr TU Spring 2014