Coursesort descending Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
STOCKSCH 297F ST-Traditional Herbal Medicine Systems II
An examination of indigenous medicinal systems from around the world to understand the choices of...
1 cr W Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 580 Soil Fertility
The role of mineral elements in the growth of plants; plant response to fertilizers and other soil...
3 cr M W F Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 370 Tropical Agriculture
Tropical regions of the world, their environment and classification; influence of climate,...
3 cr M W F Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 107 Turfgrass Insects
Principles and practical methods of controlling turf insect pests.
2 cr TU TH Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 120 Organic Farming and Gardening
Introduction to principles of soil fertility and crop management by organic procedures which are...
4 cr TU Fall 2014
STOCKSCH 297K Special Topics-Topics in Herbalism II
Study of herbalism in human health through discussions on clinical theory, ethics, and politics...
2 cr TH Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 585 Inorganic Contaminants in Soil, Water, and Sediment
Physical, chemical, and biological factors affecting the fate and transport of inorganic...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 397GF ST-Global Food Systems
This course covers social aspects of the agri-food systems as well as the political economy of food...
3 cr Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 115 Environmental Biology
Introduction to understanding the biological and physical relationships among plants, soils, and...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
STOCKSCH 350 Sustainable Soil and Crop Management
Maintenance and enhancement of long-term productivity and sustainability of soil in food and feed...
3 cr M W F Fall 2014