Course Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
PUBHLTH 567 Environmental Compliance Regulations
Principles of environmental compliance obligations, common law, trespass, nuisance, and negligence...
3 cr Spring 2015
PUBHLTH 583 Global Health in the Developing World
Introduction to major health issues in developing world, factors which affect health status, models...
3 cr Spring 2015
PUBHLTH 671 Risk Assessment and Management
This course provides an introduction to the field of multi-media (e.g. air, water, soil, food)...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
PUBP&ADM 190A Water, Oil, and Blood: The Middle East in Global Policy
This course introduces students to the contemporary dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa....
4 cr TU TH Spring 2015
PUBP&ADM 195C Special Topics- Transforming Your World: Introduction to Community Engagement
To imagine changing even a small part of the world is a daunting, yet exhilarating proposition....
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
PUBP&ADM 697B ST-Introduction to GIS
The goals of this course are to teach you basic GIS concepts such as spatial data sources and...
4 cr TH Fall 2015
PUBP&ADM 697EV ST-Environmental Policy
Description not available at this time
3 cr F Spring 2015
REGIONPL 553 Resrce Plcy&Plnng
Examination of natural resource policy formation and the planning process at the local, state, and...
3 cr TU Spring 2015
REGIONPL 580 Sustainable Cities
This course introduces students to the 3-E concept of sustainability: environment, economy, equity...
3 cr M W Spring 2015
REGIONPL 582 Landscape and Green Urbanism
Interdisciplinary seminar for upper level undergraduate and graduate students. Focus on the role...
3 cr TH Spring 2015