Course Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
LANDARCH 494A S-Professional Pract
Models of professional office structure: management, organizational behavior, and economics. Guest...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
LANDARCH 494LI Landscape Planning & the Cultural Landscape
Landscape planning crosses scales from regional to site specific, taking a real world problem to...
6 cr M W F Spring 2015
LANDARCH 582 Landscape and Green Urbanism
Interdisciplinary seminar for upper level undergraduate and graduate students. Focus on the role...
3 cr TH Spring 2015
LANDARCH 591I S-Sustaining Green Infrastructure Planning and Design
Course description not available at this time.
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
LANDARCH 593F S-LA Study Tour
Contact department for description.
3 cr TU Spring 2015
Application of urban design theories as they apply to various scales of urban design, with special...
3 cr M W F Spring 2015
Introduces students to the process of research, planning, design, and management of historically...
3 cr Spring 2015
LANDARCH 651 Professional Practice
Models of professional office structure, including management, organization, and economics for...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2015
LANDARCH 692F S-Comp in Environmental Design 3 cr M W F Spring 2015
LEGAL 494DI Environmental & Public Policy Dispute Resolution
This course examines multiparty disputes involving topics such as land use management, water rights...
4 cr TU Spring 2015