Coursesort descending Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
ECO 777 Advanced Systems Ecology
Contact department for description.
3 cr TU TH Spring 2016
ECO 697SV ST-Design, Implementation, & Analysis of Surveys of People
At the end of this course, students should have all of the basic skills to successfully design,...
3 cr M W F Spring 2016
ECO 697UF Urban Forests: Structure, Function, and Value
This course introduces concepts related to the management of urbanized landscapes, focusing on what...
3 cr TU Spring 2016
ECO 691A S-Current Research in Environmental Conservation
Provides graduate students with a broad sampling of new and cutting-edge research related to...
1 cr F Fall 2016
ECO 697PS S-Perspectives on Sustainablity
Description not available at this time
3 cr F Fall 2016
ECON 105 Introduction to Political Economy
Introduction to economic analysis for majors and nonmajors. Facts and concepts basic to...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2016
ECON 499D Honors Thesis Seminar- 2nd Semester
Description not available at this time
4 cr TU TH Spring 2016
ECON 702 Game Thry&Strt Intrc
Addresses contemporary issues in game theory and the microfoundations of economic institutions....
3 cr TH Spring 2016
ECON 308 Political Economy of the Environment
Application of the theories of political economy to environmental problems and issues. Topics...
3 cr TU TH Fall 2016
ECON 709 Political Economy II
Presents the leading and contending Marxian theories of society and knowledge. Class and value...
3 cr W Spring 2016