Course Title and descriptionsort descending Credits Meeting Days Term
STOCKSCH 290U Urban Agriculture
Explores innovative urban farming systems through the evaluation of case studies. Students will...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2014
GEO-SCI 670 Urban Environmental History
Seminar on the analysis of contemporary urban development issues from a geographical perspective...
3 cr M W F Spring 2014
STOCKSCH 555 Urban Plant Biology
Identification and discussion of environmental stress factors that affect growth and success of...
3 cr TU TH Fall 2014
ENVIRDES 577 Urban Policies
Urban issues in the context of city, metropolitan, and regional implications, changing functions,...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2014
REGIONPL 577 Urban Policies
Social, cultural, political, and economic analyses of urban policies and practices. Various...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2014