Coursesort descending Title and description Credits Meeting Days Term
BCT 204 Construction Materials & Methods
Provides an introductory overview of the various materials used in construction. Topics covered:...
3 cr TU TH Spring 2016
BCT 521 Environmental Control Systems
This course builds on building technology fundamentals and focuses on the design, control, and...
4 cr TU TH Spring 2016
BCT 420 Designing with 3D CAD and BIM
Presents advanced topics in architectural CAD in a problem-based environment: 3D modeling,...
3 cr M W
BCT 211 Energy Efficient Housing
Energy conservation in contemporary residential construction. Emphasis on: energy efficient...
3 cr TU TH Fall 2016
BCT 494BI BCT Senior Seminar
Senior BCT students will explore their own perspectives on professional careers in Building and...
3 cr M W F Spring 2016
BCT 353 Business of Building
Introduces business concepts to students interested in design and fabrication of structures....
3 cr M W Fall 2016
BCT 530 Mechanics of Building Materials for Construction
Introduction to the mechanical behavior of building materials for students of construction...
3 cr TU TH
BCT 597D ST-Sustainable Building & LEED Certification
The LEED Professional Credentials indicate professional excellence and a strong depth of knowledge...
3 cr M
BCT 150 The Built Environment
We will explore the issues of sustainability from the perspective of the built environment, our...
4 cr TU TH Fall 2016
BCT 597BM Problem Solving in Building Mechanics
Description not available at this time.
1 cr F