Chancellor's Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC)

This committee includes UMass Amherst sustainability experts and representatives of the major sustainability constituencies from across campus. It reports regularly to the Deputy Chancellor and Chancellor.

The charge of CSAC is to:

  1. Advise the Chancellor and the Chancellor’s Leadership Council (CLC) on all sustainability issues and activities related to the University.
  2. Coordinate campus sustainability efforts across all relevant departments of the University

CSAC meets monthly throughout the calendar year with one to two breaks in the schedule during summer and winter break.

Current membership includes 17 representatives from:
Facilities & Campus Services: Ezra Small (Chair), Raymond Jackson, Ludmilla Pavlova
A&F Budget Office: Lynn McKenna
​Residential Life Student Services: Dawn Bond
Auxiliary Services: Ken Toong, Garett Distefano
University Relations: Nathaniel Schildbach
Libraries: Madeleine Charney
College of Natural Sciences: Steve Goodwin, Craig Nicolson
College of Humanities and Fine Arts: Ajla Aksamija, Amilcar Shabazz
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Elisabeth Hamin
School of Earth and Sustainability: Curt Griffin
Graduate Student Senate: Laurie Simmons
Student Government Association: Ainsley Brosnan-Smith

For questions regarding CSAC please contact the committee chair and campus sustainability manager, Ezra Small by emailing or calling 413-545-0799.