“I have never seen a school with so many and such high caliber people working towards sustainability.  Everywhere I look here I see signs of hope and inspiration convincing me that change is possible”

-Annie Leonard (Environmental Activist & 2013 UMASS Amherst Earth Day Keynote Speaker)

Our Sustainability Mission Statement:

As members of the Sustainable UMass community...

  • We explore and communicate ways to improve upon current university practices by fostering innovative ideas and technologies within the campus community and beyond
  • We educate the campus community to create a healthier and more responsible environment
  • We develop progressive solutions to reduce negative environmental impacts in ways that are economically beneficial
  • We create and consistently advocate for a diverse & inclusive culture of sustainability throughout the campus community and beyond

Opportunities & Leadership Responsibility

At UMASS Amherst there is an incredible amount of opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to learn about sustainability, to practice sustainable living in a collaborative community environment, and to share, teach, and highlight our stand-out knowledge as leaders in the field.  The University recognizes its responsibility to be a leader in sustainable development and education for the community, state, and nation.

Imparting knowledge of sustainability is vital to achieving our campus wide mission of producing well educated citizens who serve as leaders in their fields working to create a just, healthy, and sustainable world.

Our Sustainable Community

Sustainable UMASS consists of a diverse group of campus-wide sustainability advocates & leaders.  These include members of the Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee (formerly EPAC), the Campus Sustainability Manager, the Sustainability Communications & Marketing Manager and a number of other vital faculty and staff advocates on campus, along with our Permaculture Initiative members, Eco-Rep Program participants, Sustainability Fellows, and affiliated Student Group organizations.

The Sustainable UMass community is made up of people like you, who believe in making our campus and world a healthier, greener place to be.