Some programs within UMass Amherst Summer College offer a limited number of partial scholarships awarded on the basis of need and merit. Please read the program descriptions carefully to see if scholarships are available. Scholarship information will be found in the right hand column on each program description page on our website.

Currently, partial scholarships are available in: Forensic Chemistry, Summer Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking, and certain Research Intensives labs (see lab descriptions). 


Applying for Scholarships

Scholarship applications must be emailed no later than March 1, 2014, but we encourage you not to wait for the deadline. Scholarship support is very limited and intended for those families who cannot afford the full cost of the program.

To apply for a scholarship, with the help of your parent or guardian, please write a statement addressing how receiving a scholarship would affect your ability to attend the program you have applied for. We cannot process your scholarship application until you have completed and submitted your online application (with all supporting materials).

Your scholarship essay should include your application number, name, date of birth, the name and an email address for your parent or guardian.

Send scholarship letters to:

We also require a letter of verification from an independent source who knows your family and can support you application. Letters from high school principals, guidance counselors, community or religious leaders, or a representative from a social service agency are all acceptable. This letter must describe the length of time they have known your family, the nature of your relationship and a statement verifying your financial need. This letter must be on official letterhead postmarked no later than March 1, 2014 and emailed to:

Your scholarship essay should be emailed no later than March 1, 2014.


Searching for Additional Funding

Our funding is limited, and scholarships are competitive. Many of our previous participants have been successful in finding funding from their schools and local communities. We encourage you to explore as many options as possible.