The Politics of Artistic Expression

Closed. No longer accepting applications!

What is the role of artists in politics and vice versa? How do the world of politics and the world of art intersect and/or collide? What is political art anyway and who defines it? What is its relationship to past and current social movements?

As a participating student in The Politics of Artistic Expression, you’ll seek answers to those and other meaningful questions as you examine forms of artistic expression from spoken word poetry, hip-hop and folk music to photography and film. You will engage in spirited conversation with guest artists, take group trips to spoken word shows, music events and art galleries.

You’ll explore how the lenses of gender, race, sexuality and ethnicity contribute to our understanding of various art forms. You’ll consider how thinking of art as politics shifts your sense of what it means to act politically.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your own creative projects.

Instructor: Alix Olson