More about Equine Management

Equine Management Program

The UMass Amherst Summer College Equine Management Program is a two-week intensive program for motivated young adults seeking to explore what it takes to succeed in the horse industry, and in doing so, challenge themselves to become better horsemen and future leaders in the equine profession.

Each day, students will join a small group of their peers for hands-on practicums and workshops at the university’s Hadley Farm Equine Center. UMass faculty, visiting equine professionals, and of course, the horses themselves will all play a role in the learning experience. The program will begin with instruction on horse behavior and safety training. During the first week, students will explore topics in equine veterinary medicine, breeds and conformation, stable and pasture management, nutritional regimes, foaling basics, and equine business concepts. In addition, each student will adopt one of the farm’s horses for the duration of the program and work intensively with that horse on a variety of equine care, training, and management topics. Students will develop their equitation skills through both ground work and riding.

The second week of the program includes several additional hands-on practicums and workshops including farrier science and equipment operation. Students will also be involved in the reproductive services clinic at the farm, learning how to breed mares, collect stallions, and monitor foal watches. Throughout the week, students will continue to work with their adopted horses, practicing their horsemanship and management skills. An all-day field trip to several of Massachusetts’ finest stables and a round-table discussion afterwards will provide an excellent opportunity for students to network with major players in the equine industry and explore several career pathways.

The equine management summer college experience program concludes with a summer equine exposition in which students will display their equine management projects and showcase their horsemanship skills. This equine exposition will also serve as a celebration for the students and the community.

In addition to the learning experiences at the equine center, students will have plenty of time to get to know other young equine-enthusiasts, eating meals together, partaking in various social events, exploring the nearby town of Amherst, and experiencing dorm life. As students get to know the UMass campus and participate in College Prep workshops, they’ll gain a real understanding of what it takes to succeed in college.

Throughout the program, students can expect to:

  • Gain an understanding of modern business and equine management skills required in the horse industry. 
  • Recognize how the principals of equine behavior, anatomy, nutrition and reproduction are applied to the daily management of an equine facility.
  • Develop their horsemanship skills through daily work with horses both in-hand and under saddle.
  • Explore educational opportunities and career pathways in the equine profession.
  • Complete an exposition project of their own choosing, incorporating the knowledge they gained during the two weeks. The project will be presented to the community during the summer equine college exposition, held on the last Friday of the course.

Important Safety Information

  • Every student must wear an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet and boots with a heel. Riding pants, tall boots or paddock boots with half chaps, and riding gloves are recommended. Students must bring their own riding apparel.
  • All students must sign an equine liability release form and attend a safety training session on the first day.
  • Pants and boots must be worn when working with horses.

To Apply

Please submit an online application, a letter of interest, and a high school transcript. In the letter of interest, please describe your interest in the equine industry, and explain what you hope to gain from the Equine Management Summer College Program. We invite applications from all and hope to gather students with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Instructor:  Cassandra Uricchio