Mathematics Triple

Do you want to explore and create mathematics? Then the Mathematics Triple is for you. In each of the intensives of the Mathematics Triple, we will provide the framework and you get to make (and prove) conjectures. You can take one, two or three intensives for a total of two, four, or six weeks of mathematical amazingness.

As a Mathematics Triple student, you will encounter new ideas, improve your problem-solving skills, learn lots and lots of advanced mathematics, and hone your thinking skills. You'll meet others like you. Best of all, you will find serious mathematics treated with levity.

The intensives of the Mathematics Triple are best suited for students with an insatiable curiosity about mathematics, and who are creative and enthusiastic in their approaches to learning.

Many summer mathematics experiences are organized on the principle that simply combining smart people with mathematics will result in learning and fun. This is a true principle, but why not do better? The Mathematics Triple promises a focused and individually tailored effort that elicits massive learning, enormous fun, and significant personal growth.

Instructor: dr. sarah-marie belcastro

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