Forensic Chemistry

If you’re ready to take a break from CSI and Bones reruns and get real-world experience in crime-solving science, the Summer Academy in Forensic Chemistry is waiting for you.

As a Forensic Chemistry student, you’ll delve into current scientific techniques in the areas of forensic chemistry and biology. You’ll learn how to apply the scientific principles behind crime-solving techniques and gain an understanding of the education, training, and other requirements you’ll need in order to get your dream job in a forensics laboratory.

You’ll conduct experiments, interpret their results, and communicate the results of your tests. You’ll explore topics including drug chemistry, fire debris analysis, toxicology, biology, DNA analysis, and fingerprints. You’ll also get an introduction to the legal aspects of forensics, including testimonies, relevant laws, and chain of custody issues. You may have the opportunity to visit a real forensics laboratory and hear from guest lecturers in the field. And you’ll be given an opportunity to complete a challenge project of your own choosing, incorporating the knowledge you’ve gained.

Instructor:  Raina Kittilstved

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