Food Science Research Intensives

Food and Environmental Chemicals' Impact on Human Health
The Park research lab can host two students
The current epidemic of obesity cannot be explained completely by the dietary, social and/or behavioral changes that have occurred over the past several decades. In addition, there seems to be limited success in controlling obesity and type 2 diabetes incidences even with considerable efforts to modify dietary patterns and encourage the public to increase physical activity. Simultaneously, there are emerging evidences that persistent organic pollutants are linked to excessive weight gain and altered glucose homeostasis. With this background, the current focuses of research are [1] discovering food bioactives that can help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes and [2] determining the potential causative environmental chemicals for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Potential projects involve determining the biochemical mechanisms of insecticides and food bioactives on altered lipid and glucose metabolisms using various mammalian tissue culture and animal models.

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