Dramatic Writing

Dramatic Writing Closed. No longer accepting applications!

What does the Classical Greek dramatist Aeschylus have in common the video game Super Mario Galaxy? Both tell a good story.

As a Dramatic Writing student, you’ll focus not only on improving your ability to tell a good story but on understanding the common elements of storytelling that connect writing art forms from poetry and fiction to stage and screenwriting. We will recall the ancient theaters of Greece and the Elizabethan era (and the impact those traditions still have on our society), and we will speak the language of new mediums, giving you a firm foundation towards becoming a storyteller for the future.

Guided by award-wining playwright and performer Will Power, you’ll study the basics of crafting dramas in “natural” forms as well as the sacred craft of writing in verse. You’ll spend a full day in nearby Lenox, viewing productions at the Shakespeare & Company. The next day you’ll discuss they’re experience, and continue to write. In the final days, you’ll see your work performed in a dramatic reading by actors from the UMass Department of Theater.

Instructor: Will Power