Digital Media in the Visual Arts

You've wondered about the place where computers and art come together. Join us this summer and journey into that world of unlimited creative potential.  

Explore the possibilities of a creative life in digital media on the campus of a great university. Discover your own voice in making digital art in our new state-of-the-art Studio Arts Building. Learn about the challenges and rewards of a career in digital media today.

We offer an intensive two-week immersion in digital applications in the visual arts. Your instructors are professional artists skilled in digital media, who will introduce you to fundamental ideas and software tools in animation, digital still photography, and digital time-based production. If you already know the fundamentals, they will customize the experience to your skill level.

You’ll spend time developing skills in drawing — the essential materials, techniques, and concepts of drawing that are essential to understanding the connection between seeing and digital media. You’ll extend your drawing skills into the increasingly important world of digital art, learning the ins and outs of Photoshop CS6 and discovering new ways to address drawing elements such as perspective, value, and composition with techniques in digital photography and collage. You will also view original works of art in nearby museums.

To apply for the two-week session, please explain your interest in digital media and art, in your application statement.


Instructors: Mikael Petraccia & Ryan McDonald

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