Clinical Psychology Research Intensives

Clinical Neuropsychology

Ready lab

The Ready lab can host 2 - 3 students.

Students in the Clinical Psychology program engage in basic and applied studies of psychopathology, development, emotion, cognition, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and family systems. The Clinical Psychology program uses a clinical science model of training. Students will learn about and prepare for careers as clinical psychology scientists. The Clinical Neuropsychology lab focuses on neuropsychology, aging, emotion, cognition, learning disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Students will choose a research topic among the various projects in the lab.

The Clinical Psychology Research Intensive will occur under the mentorship of Dr. Rebecca Ready and her graduate student, Genna Santorelli. Dr. Ready is Director of Clinical Training and a geriatric neuropsychologist with expertise in the assessment of emotion, life quality, and well-being in adult and aging populations. She conducts research on emotion regulation and memory, risk for Alzheimer's disease, emotion in Mild Cognitive Impairment, and life quality in Huntington's disease. She also is interested in assessment and measurement development, has expertise in the assessment of adult learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and studies training issues in clinical psychology. Ms. Santorelli studies alexithymia in relation to changes in cognition with age. Previous research intensive students have won awards for their work in Dr. Ready’s lab.

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