Summer College Experience

The UMass Amherst Summer College experience is built around three interconnected elements: the academic experience, the campus life experience and the community experience.

Students are registered for UMass courses and receive a UMass ID which allows access to the library, dining hall and their residence hall. UMass Summer College students also are assigned a university email account for the duration of their stay. Students receive a university transcript, which is a permanent record of their academic credit.

Summer in the Valley

Summer on Campus

Program Fees




Application Fee $35 - All Applicants


Fees for One-Week Intensives

Program fee (without academic credits) $675

One time Registration fee $45

Housing and full meal plan: $411

Total for one week (without credit) $1131


Fees for Two-Week Intensives

Program fee (with two academic credits): $ 1,450

Program fee (without academic credits): $1,350

One time Registration fee $45


Welcome to Summer College 2014

UMass Amherst Summer College offers of two- and six-week intensives all with optional college credit.
All intensives offer a mix of learning through lectures combined with hands-on experience in a laboratory or studio setting.
Class sizes are limited and offer opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the development of new knowledge and skills.


Your Summer College Experience Is Here


If you’re an achievement-oriented, highly motivated high school student about to enter your junior or senior year who’s ready to learn at a college level and spend time on a university campus, you’ve found what you’re looking for.