Summer College Experience

The UMass Amherst Summer College experience is built around three interconnected elements: the academic experience, the campus life experience and the community experience.

Students are registered for UMass courses and receive a UMass ID which allows access to the library, dining hall and their residence hall. UMass Summer College students also are assigned a university email account for the duration of their stay. Students receive a university transcript, which is a permanent record of their academic credit.

Summer in the Valley

Summer on Campus

Program Fees




Application Fee $35 - All Applicants


Fees for One-Week Intensives

Program fee (without academic credits) $675

One time Registration fee $45

Housing and full meal plan: $411

Total for one week (without credit) $1131


Fees for Two-Week Intensives

Program fee (with two academic credits): $ 1,450

Program fee (without academic credits): $1,350

One time Registration fee $45


Welcome to Summer College 2014


Our programs have ended for Summer 2014. To sign up to receive information about Summer 2015, click the "Ask a Question" button and send us an email with the text "Let me know about Summer 2015."