Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking


Sport Management

Do you ever wonder what is going on behind the scenes of a major sporting event such as the Summer Olympic Games? Or do you know what the day-to-day tasks are of a general manager of a professional sports team? And what is driving conference realignment in collegiate sports?

Summer Design Academy


Learn about design in a college environment. Discover what it might be like to pursue a profession in design fields such as architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Summer Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (SILS)

Are you passionate about protecting our environment for future generations and exploring solutions to sustainability issues? Would you like to learn how to marshal the talents of others to create sustainable change? We invite you to spend two weeks at Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst, the premier honors college in New England.

Studio Arts

Explore the possibilities of a creative life in the visual arts. Working with instructors who are professional artists as well as educators, you’ll discover your own voice in making art in our new state-of-the-art Studio Arts Building, and learn about the challenges and rewards of a career in the studio arts.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of digital forensics.

Forensic Chemistry

If you’re ready to take a break from CSI and Bones reruns and get real-world experience in crime-solving science, the Summer Academy in Forensic Chemistry is waiting for you.

As a Forensic Chemistry student, you’ll delve into current scientific techniques in the areas of forensic chemistry and biology. You’ll learn how to apply the scientific principles behind crime-solving techniques and gain an understanding of the education, training, and other requirements you’ll need in order to get your dream job in a forensics laboratory.

The Politics of Artistic Expression

Closed. No longer accepting applications!

What is the role of artists in politics and vice versa? How do the world of politics and the world of art intersect and/or collide? What is political art anyway and who defines it? What is its relationship to past and current social movements?

Dramatic Writing

Dramatic Writing Closed. No longer accepting applications!

What does the Classical Greek dramatist Aeschylus have in common the video game Super Mario Galaxy? Both tell a good story.

Summer College Experience