10-Day Schedule

Proposed 10 day Schedule:

Day 1:  Welcome & Orientation.  Historical analysis of sport as a social structure globally.  Discuss career opportunities in sport. 

Day 2:  Roles and Responsibilities in Professional Sports Leagues.  Overview of domestic and international sport properties.

Day 3:  Event Management.  Planning, organizing, publicizing, and conducting a major sporting event. Discuss upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics.

Day 4:  College Athletics.  Discussthe challenges common to athletic administration at all levels while providing a better understanding of the role of athletics within the educational setting.

Day 5:  Field Trip to Basketball Hall of Fame and/or MassMutual Center.

Day 6:  Sport Broadcasting & Public Relations. Behind the scenes look at how television, radio, public relations and social media play in the sports industry.

Day 7:  Sport Marketing & Sponsorship.  This field of sports is a billion-dollar industry.  Examination of corporate sponsorship, its growing role and importance in the corporate/brand marketing mix.

Day 8:  Managing the Talent.  So you want to be the next Jerry McGuire?  Discuss player operations from scouting and drafting to the general manager’s seat.

Day 9:   Sport Law and Ethics.  Legal principles and ethical issues in professional sports such as antitrust exemption, labor law, collective bargaining and the athlete/agent relationship.

Day 10:  Sales.  From community sports marketing to sports merchandising, sales are an integral part of the industry.   

(note:  schedule is subject to change) 


Program Coordinator:  Tracy Schoenadel