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2012 Conference Archives

From the Third Annual New England Conference for Student Success

September 21, 2012

Presentations from the Third Annual Conference

Please note that these documents are all in pdf format.

Full Conference Program


UMass President Robert Caret's Welcome Address


George Kuh - Keynote Address: What Matters to Student Success


Presentation: What Matters to Student Success

Randy Swing - Keynote Address: Proving and Improving the First Year of College


Presentation: Proving and Improving the First Year of College

The Money Problem! Strategies for Finding Resources to Invest in Student Success


Organized Chaos: Using Logic Models to Design Student Success Programming
(Gray, McLellan, and Vargas)

A Collaborative Approach to Assessment of the First-Year Experience (FYE)
(Laguilles, Coughlin, and Vecchio)

The Elephant in the Room: Defining Student Success in Developmental Education
(Ferreira and Burch)

Supporting the Success of Students of Color: Promising Practices and Plans of Action
(Gentlewarrior, Garr-Barnes, and Holbrook)

Creating New Tools to Help Students Thrive In and Out of the Classroom

Foundation Year: Redesigning the First Year of College for First Generation and Non-Traditional Urban Students

Turning Data into Meaningful Change: Using Mixed-Method Assessment in Program Reviews

Defining Career Success for Non-Traditional Students
(Joseph-Collins and Devlin)

Leveraging Grant Money to Develop and Sustain Community Pathways and Partnerships
(O'Donnell, Gallo, Hunt, and Sullivan)

What Kind of Success Does Democracy Need from Higher Education?
(Reiff and Neely)

Creating a Framework for Student Success Through Structure, Planning, and Assessment
(Wiseman and Seifert)

Information to Action: Creating a Data-Driven Plan for Student Retention

Does Student Success Depend on Our Use of Social Media?
(Giddens, Campbell, and Liseno)

"Transfer-able" Skills: Ensuring Transfer Student Success

The G-1 Student Experience: Recognizing and Supporting for Improved Persistence and Success
(Maietta and Roy)

Other Resources Related to Student Success


Enhancing Representation, Retention, and Achievement of Minority Students in Higher Education: A Social Transformation Theory of Change (Maton, Hrabowski, Ozdemir, and Wimms, 2008)

In this article, Freeman Hrabowski and his co-authors discuss best practices and strategies for creating supportive campus environments that emphasize faculty commitment, strong relationships among students, faculty and staff, and using technology to help students succeed.

Expanding Access for America's Future
(Hrabowski, 2009)

Meet Societal Challenges by Changing the Culture on Campus (The Chronicle)
(Hrabowski and Hirshman, 2011)

Fostering Integrative Knowledge Through ePortfolios
(Peet et al., 2011)

Improving Child Care Access to Promote Postsecondary Success Among Low-Income Parents
(2011 report from the Institute for Women's Policy Research)


Achieving the Dream

Community College Research Center

Complete College America



The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate

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