UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst Senior Campaign 2014

What will be the legacy of the Class of 2014?

Senior Class Gift Choices for 2014:

Library Quiet Study Floor

Quiet Study Area The Du Bois Library Quiet Study Area will spur creation of a new area for quiet study in Du Bois Library. This gift will fund remodeling of the fifth floor to provide comfortable seating and study areas designated as quiet space within the library.

Solar Powered Picnic Table Charging Stations

Campus Sustainability Initiative The Campus Sustainability Initiative (soon to be “SustainableUMass”) proposes funding “Solar Power-Dok” picnic tables made from recycled materials. The Solar Power-Dok works as a laptop and cell phone charging station powered by the sun.

UMass Challenge

The UMass Amherst Foundation Board is now matching first time student gifts.

Previous Senior Class Gifts: