#40DaysofUMass: Day 19

Protect your electronics and other valuables by registering them with UMPD’s Project Protect! Registration helps police identify items if they are found and increases your chances of recovering your lost or stolen property: www.umass.edu/umpdapps/project-protect-form

To protect your belongings from theft:

  • Never leave your laptop, cell phone, or other valuables unattended in a public area.
  • Lock your room when you leave, even if only for a moment.
  • Use a smartphone and laptop tracking app. Many are free and can assist you and law enforcement in locating a lost or stolen item.

Lost something? Check the lost and found at your residence hall's Residential Service Desk (RSD) and complete UMPD’s Lost Property form: www.umass.edu/umpd/lost-property-form

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