#40DaysofUMass: Day 11

University Health Services (UHS) helps you stay healthy and cares for you if you’re not. In addition to general medicine, they offer specialty services including acupuncture, eye care, immunizations, women’s health, and more: www.umass.edu/uhs.

For guidance, call the Triage Advice Nurse 24/7: (413) 577-5229.

UHS has a full-service pharmacy for prescription medications and great prices on over-the-counter health and beauty products.

Tip: Don’t wait in line at the UHS Walk-in Clinic! Text “clinic” to (413) 944-8562. You’ll receive a response text with your number and a reminder text when it’s almost your turn to be seen.

Upcoming Events

For a complete listing of events, visit the University calendar and Campus Pulse.