#40DaysofUMass: Day 5

Being a part of the UMass campus means actively caring for one another and the community. This means being an active bystander by taking action or getting help when needed, for someone else or for yourself.

The 3Ds of Active Bystandership:

  • Direct: Step in and interrupt a harmful situation by pointing out the problem and beginning a conversation about better alternatives.
  • Distract: If you aren’t comfortable calling out a problematic behavior, try interrupting it by distracting and redirecting the people involved.
  • Delegate: You don’t need to go it alone! Ask for help for yourself and others.

Use the 3Ds to Transform, Empower, Support, Educate, and Leadwww.umass.edu/umatter

UMass Amherst’s Medical Amnesty Policy

Don’t let fear of getting yourself or a friend in trouble keep you from seeking help in an emergency!

Although you may be reluctant to report these situations, obtaining medical help is imperative. If you seek help for someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs who needs medical attention, neither you nor that person will be charged with a Code of Student Conduct or Residence Hall Community Standards violation. If that person is a UMass student, they will be required to attend BASICS and pay the associated fee.

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AlcoholEDU and Your Intervention Strategies
New Students beginning Spring 2019: Don't forget to complete your AlcoholEDU and YIS requirements! Log into your Winter NSO or Online Orientation Moodle course for instructions.