About CSD

The Center for Student Development (CSD) helps keep most of UMass Amherst’s student life running smoothly: student organizations, the Student Government Association, student businesses, fraternities and sororities, student success centers and multicultural resources.

Center for Student Development
416 Student Union
41 Campus Center Way
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

Phone: 413-545-3600
Fax: 413-545-4751
Email: csd@stuaf.umass.edu

Student Activities and Involvement

Lloyd Henley lhenley@stuaf.umass.edu
Associate Director Student Activities and Involvement

Lydia Washington, lwash@stuaf.umass.edu
Associate Director Student Activities and Involvement

Michael Wiseman, michaeldwiseman@umass.edu
Fraternity and Sorority Program

Brian Arnold, arnold5@admin.umass.edu
Assistant Director Leadership and Training

Amy Helstowski, amydh@stuaf.umass.edu
Contract Specialist/Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor

Graduate Assistants

Chantal Lima Barbosa, climabar@sacl.umass.edu
Rachael ‘Babyface’ Card, rcard@sacl.umass.edu
Chrissy Montelli, cmontelli@sacl.umass.edu
Miguel Tejada, mmtejada@sacl.umass.edu

Agencies and Programs

Center for Educational Policy Advocacy (CEPA)

Center for Student Businesses (CSB)

Daily Collegian

Office of Fraternities and Sororities

Student Union Craft Center

Union Video Center  - TV 19 (UVC)

WMUA Radio 91.1 FM

Sports Clubs

Men's Crew

Alpine Ski Team

Bicycle Racing

Men's Rugby

Women's Ice Hockey

Women's Rugby

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's)