SASP Requests

The SASP Card is a credit card that can be checked out by student groups. These cards can be signed out to a group member for shopping at area stores, or an appointment can be made to use them in the Business Center for Internet orders.


  • Your RSO/GSO wants to order take-out pizza from a restaurant in Amherst, which will not be consumed at the restaurant.
  • Your RSO/GSO wants to order decorations from an online retailer.

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The SASP Process:

  • Initiate your SASP Requests by submitting the form in Campus Pulse. There is a list of items that cannot be bought with the card, and a list of items that need special approval. These lists are located on the cover page of the SASP request form.
  • There are a limited number of cards, so plan ahead to reserve a card for when you will need it.
  • Most cards cannot be used for more than $500 per store or Internet order. There are two cards with a $1,000 limit. If you are planning to make a single purchase greater than $500, you will need to specifically request one of these cards.
  • When your form is approved in Campus Pulse, call the SORC to schedule your appointment with an Account Specialist, where you will pick up the card and review the policies.
  • The card, along with all receipts, must be returned to the account specialist on the next business day following your shopping trip.