Student Affairs Technology Services (SATS)

The role of Student Affairs Technology Services (SATS) is to provide and integrate IT services, education and support for the staff of Student Affairs and Campus Life around principles of standardization, centralization, sustainability and resource efficiency and to provide programs and services to enhance student life and student success.

Accounts Access
SATS administers and issues accounts for electronic systems, databases, services and other computing resources in Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL). Contact: Requests for/about access should be emailed to

Card Access Support
SATS supports the IT infrastructure, servers, workstations and software for Residential Life’s card access and security systems. SATS is also responsible for the data interfaces between SPIRE and Residential Life’s card access and security systems for residents, class participants and conferees.

Database Administration and Support
SATS coordinates and supports day-to-day operations and business cycles for information systems and software applications. We also coordinate and manage integration and updates for third party systems.

SATS Development
SATS designs, develops, implements and maintains customized applications and interfaces to third party systems.

Electronic Systems
SATS maintains the current hybrid fiber coaxial cable system serving over 9,000 locations, as well as running coaxial cable for events, installing televisions in public areas and departments, providing telephone devices for conference rooms and staff apartments and modifying/redesigning the existing system to keep up with changing technology and to improve the quality of service. Electronic Systems also provides information and recommendations regarding equipment needs in SACL.
Contact: Email or call 413-545-4803

Email and Calendar
Microsoft Exchange/Outlook is SACL’s supported email and shared calendar system. We provide and support official UMass email addresses to staff in SACL as well as distribution groups, resource accounts and synchronization to approved mobile devices. Microsoft Exchange is available via a Web browser ( or email software (Outlook 2007).

Help Desk
The SATS Help Desk provides support via telephone, email, and walk-in for Student Affairs staff with computer or system questions or problems. The help desk is responsible for the inventory, setup , maintenance and trouble-shooting for SA desktop workstations, printers and standard software. Contact: Email or call 413-577-SATS (7287).

IT Guidelines and Policies
SATS oversees the proper use of technology resources in SACL. The use of all campus technology resources is covered by SA Technology Use Guidelines. These guidelines refer to and include campus and UMass system policies, and can be found at:

IT Infrastructure 
SATS identifies, creates, and supports systems that address the technology infrastructure of SACL including administration of network systems and services, network and database servers, security, business continuity/disaster preparedness, and new technology assessment and implementation.

Mobile Device Management
SATS coordinates guidelines and maintains an inventory of devices (university owned and personal) accessing University Resources. SATS provides information and expectations on device configuration settings for secure use.

Sign Out Equipment
Loaner equipment is available to Student Affairs staff for use in presentations, special events, conferences, webinars and other departmental related purposes. Loaner equipment includes: laptops, projectors, cameras, video camcorder, zip drive, portable projection screen, conference phones, thumb drives, Mac adapters, sound systems and other miscellaneous items. Contact: To request equipment email

Workshops and Training
SATS provides staff in SACL with training, support, and resources to help them effectively incorporate technological tools into the workplace. Workshops and trainings focus on assisting staff to make the best use of available software, database systems, and web-based tools, as well as helping them to incorporate new technology tools into their daily operations and navigate the expanding world of potential technological solutions.