Student Memorial and Remembrance Ceremonies

To honor UMass Amherst students who have died in recent years, the University holds annual remembrance ceremonies in May for the relatives of departed students. As part of these ceremonies, families and friends are introduced to the new location of the student memorial plaque. This plaque displays the names of students who have passed away recently and is located in the Student Union lobby.

The plaque's inscription reads: "This plaque is dedicated to the memory of those students who have passed away while attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Although the grace of their presence eludes us, their spirit and achievement remain forever."

If you would like more information about our remembrance ceremonies or to find ways to memorialize a UMass Amherst student who has died, please contact the Dean of Students Office for more information.

A Special Note to Families and Friends

As a community, the University cares about you and what you are going through. We also care about your UMass Amherst student who passed away and all those who grieve his or her passing. These students were, and always will be, UMass Amherst students and a part of this University.

Remembrance Plaque in the Student Union