Minutes Matter

UMass Amherst Medical Amnesty Policy

UMass seeks to be a caring community committed to maintaining the health and safety of everyone. Severe intoxication or serious injuries after consuming alcohol or drugs are potentially life-threatening emergencies. Although you may be reluctant to report these situations, obtaining medical help is imperative.

Always call 911 for help if someone:

  • Passes out and cannot be awakened
  • Vomits while passed out
  • Stops breathing
  • Has a seizure

An individual who requires medical attention due to excessive alcohol intoxication will be required to attend BASICS. Neither the reporting party nor the individual needing medical attention will be charged under the Code of Student Conduct.

This policy does not apply to drug-related behavior, including use, possession or distribution. The policy also does not apply to other prohibited conduct such as, but not limited to, assault, driving while impaired or destruction of property.


Student Legal Services
Campus Center 922

University Health Services
150 Infirmary Way

Off Campus Student Center
Student Union 314

Dean of Students
Whitmore 277

University of MassachusettsPolice Department
In case of Emergency: Dial 911
Non-Emergency: 413-545-2121

The Center for Women and Community
(formerly Everywoman's Center)
180 Infirmary WayNew Africa House
Main number: 413-545-0883
24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline:413-545-0800
TTY: 413-577-0940