If you're going to a party...


  • Eat before you go out.
  • Make a plan for how you’ll get home before you go out. Designate a driver, take a bus or cab, or walk in a group.
  • Set a limit of how many drinks you will have. Tell a friend so they can help you stick to it.
  • Alternate alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to help pace yourself.
  • Watch out for your friends and don’t leave anyone behind. Don’t go anywhere alone!
  • Respect the host’s property and don’t leave with an alcoholic beverage in an open container.
  • Make sure you are welcome or invited.
  • Be considerate of the families in the neighborhoods you travel through. Be aware of the time of night.


Student Legal Services
Campus Center 922

University Health Services
150 Infirmary Way

Off Campus Student Center
Student Union 314

Dean of Students
Whitmore 277

University of MassachusettsPolice Department
In case of Emergency: Dial 911
Non-Emergency: 413-545-2121

The Center for Women and Community
(formerly Everywoman's Center)
180 Infirmary WayNew Africa House
Main number: 413-545-0883
24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline:413-545-0800
TTY: 413-577-0940